Why we should all watch Anime- Dennis Hubu

Naruto’s body sinks deeper into the lake, almost halfway to the lake’s floor. No bubbles only means, he isn’t breathing. Eyes mildly shut, as if in deep sleep. His now burnt and torn orange coat, waves gently in the depth of the lake, as if mourning the unanticipated defeat. He gradually moves deeper into the darkness of the lake’s floor. Silence. Uchiha Sasuke smiles wryly. A sense of accomplishment riddles him, it seems he’d overestimated him. He starts to look away. Unknown to him, Uzumaki Naruto’s skin starts to glow, a gentle orange in the darkness. As Naruto’s eyes open wide in dazzling brightness, Sasuke’s sharp sense subtly ticks. This battle is far from over. [Paraphrased from the battle between the two main characters, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke in the anime Naruto Shippuden]

During such moments, I’m normally thinking, Naruto looks pretty serious in this fight, looking back at his clown character in previous episodes, he has definitely never been this stony faced. I can’t wait to see him unleash all the power he has been holding back. But Sasuke, I mean, he’s an Uchiha. He’s probably the most powerful ninja alive currently! Will his individualistic nature and enormously powerful store of chakra completely destroy Naruto, or will Naruto’s super stamina, large store of chakra, and his loving and overly protective nature match up to Uchiha Sasuke? There’s always a sense of immense intensity in such an ultimate battle. During such an episode, I would literally nosebleed in grief if someone asked me to pause and help them with a particular trivial chore.


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At the end of such an intense, suspense filled anime episode, kind anime directors will probably play a pretty Japanese lyrical rock song, to appease any bursts of emotion or anxiety attacks that might riddle their audience. Did I mention Japanese lyrics? Well, we’re never sure if it’s a love song, or code to a military base in Hiroshima but that’s one of the reasons why we love anime. I bet you’re wondering what number of jamaas fill up the ‘we’ in the previous statement. We’re more or less a legion (not of demons, mum). In response to some of us who aren’t edge of the seat thrilled and gullible (susceptible to cultural and mental brainwash) by anime, I will break into a summary of the reasons why me and my brainwash squad, dearly love anime.

  1. It’s a different world

In the universe of anime movies, series and video games, a majority of scenes include a magical world, almost perfectly intertwined with aspects of the real world. In making reference to a very thin spectrum of anime that I’ve watched (less than 1%) anime characters don’t normally engage themselves in modern realistic systems like paying tax, but they do often run on top of building roofs protecting their village or city, slaying evil whenever it shows its face. There are however certain similarities between our world and theirs e.g. we have seen our own significantly intense wars, in parliament, by leaders convinced that they are protecting their own. But anyway. (Sips local tea)

  1. Animation

Oh man, aren’t anime characters the most perfect beings! Almost all anime characters are cartoon characters, glorified in pen and ink. And, let me just say, some of them can be a bit too perfect. People have been known to fall madly in love with some of these unfortunately fictional beauties. One single man somewhere in Asia, is known to live with human sized dolls of his favourite anime characters. Why you ask? Let he who hath not binge watched Alejandro and Camilla, cast the first stone.


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  1. Music

I’ve always been a huge rock fan. However, when it comes to Japanese lyriced music, it always touches a part of our souls that is dead to language but alive to gentle soft rock, and occasional Japanese Tupac. The sub-genre is alternative rock, and this seems to complement the imaginative and magical world, which is anime.


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  1. Hope

You might ask, ‘What does hope have to do with Japanese cartoons?’ (Anime fans loath the word ‘cartoons’. You can fetch yourself a clean upper cut with it) Well I have watched a bunch of anime, of about 300+ episodes each. As much as I’ve joyfully gained from one whole series, with tears and roll on the floor laughter (I’ve literally done this), at the end, there is an almost tangible sense of hope that is always left with me, a compelling sense of optimism in life. And though I might not remember all the juicy engrossing scenes at the end of it all, that potent sense reminds me that it was worth every episode.

Looking for anime suggestions? Have fun  with some Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Shingeki No Kyojin, Bleach, One Piece, One Man Punch, and one of my best movies ever, Spirited Away. Arigatou, mata ne! (Thank you and goodbye!)


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