Fathers and Sons- Thuku Muthui

The moment a boy grows a beard and graduates from university he becomes two things- a man and a threat. To the society he is the former. He is expected [ … ]

Happy Ever After- Thuku Muthui

The piece I had in mind for this Monday was a painful story. We all associate passionately with pain, not because pain hurts but because it lives next door to [ … ]

Broken-Thuku Muthui

When I replied that I didn’t have a girlfriend and would be graduating from the university later that year, my cousin was quick to offer advice,” University is the best [ … ]

Kunyanja Shore- Thuku Muthui

Before this boat docked here, it was probably the biggest and fastest of all marine vessels out there then. The captain was probably a one-eyed pirate from Zanzibar, who besides [ … ]

So, What Are We? -Ty Ngachira

    She asks… Most men dread this question. At the moment of asking, everything goes silent. You feel your pulse race a bit faster and pull a fake smile [ … ]


  So what is your name? Mary Njeri Maina Tell us about  your grind?, I’m a dairy technologist/ food scientist by training. I deal in value addition of milk, especially [ … ]

Camp Ndunda (Embu) Review- Thuku Muthui

Not many campsites bring a natural balance of adventure, peaceful silence and to-do activities as Camp Ndunda does. Located on the outlines of Njukiri Forest by the slopes of Mt. [ … ]

Ngengi Wa Mbicha- Thuku Muthui

Adichie Ngozi Chimamanda. What a hell of a name! With such a name, you are inclined to write books, and guest speak at important summits and conventions.  You are also [ … ]

It takes a man to admit- Thuku Muthui

“You are mistaken if you still think life in marriage is that easy,” he lamented silently. He will be turning thirty-nine in April. I am an April baby. His hair [ … ]

Lessons from 2017- Thuku Muthui

I had an ambivalent relationship with 2017; a love-hate relationship. I loved 2017 because it brought a bountiful basket of fun, amazing people and detailed in-look. The best moment was [ … ]