Camp Ndunda (Embu) Review- Thuku Muthui

Not many campsites bring a natural balance of adventure, peaceful silence and to-do activities as Camp Ndunda does. Located on the outlines of Njukiri Forest by the slopes of Mt. Kenya in Embu County is this rare gem. River Rupingazi, not short of remarkable features, flows right through the camp. The camp is easily accessible via Kibugu Road off Embu-Meru Highway at Embu Main Hospital Junction. The campsite is only 7 kilometers from Embu Town. The road is tarmac throughout except the final two hundred meters to the camp which is a well-graded murram road.

Camp Ndunda has a lot to offer an intrepid explorer, and one would require at least two full days to enjoy the thrill. The river breaks into a thirty feet fall, viewed from a high rope bridge that balances on tree branches and stretches about sixty meters. The view from up there is terrific, and it demands all your guts to walk the whole distance. Another way of crossing the river is flying over it riding on a zip-line. The zip-line ends before the real fun begins but comes as a massive bonus to the fun. The cooling water of the river is deep and clean enough for one who fancies a wild swim, duff mpararo. Downstream, an electricity generation project is underway and would offer another attraction.

The canopied forest path is right for a jungle jog, a walk-either romantic or reflective, or a group expedition. The camp offers bikes which one is free to hire and enjoy the nature on. The grounds are suited for team building, with the management also offering an extreme adventures set up. The administration has equipped the campsite with a rustic yet modern restroom with showers. A unique sleeping experience can be encountered on the hanging beds. The camp also has a Kikuyu Cultural Centre complete with huts and granaries, gazebos and an open kitchen. A team of very supportive staff takes care of the campers, ensuring you get value for your money.

It is incredible that this campsite in a forest has electric power which means one is capable of playing music around a bonfire or occupy the Inn House. Camp Ndunda is ideal for a family getaway, a friends’ reunion, a small party in the wild and a day-long outing. The charges are fair and tailor-cut according to customers’ needs. The above facts make Camp Ndunda an ideal place to visit any time of the year.

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