Grind Series: Linda W. Kroeger, founder of Linda Jamii

Tell us about Linda
Linda is a young woman who is passionate about social change and is an unapologetic feminist. Linda loves children and is optimistic about creating a better world for them to inherit and thrive in. Linda is a lawyer,social change activist,journalist and poet. She is the founder of Project – Linda Jamii, a non- profit organization.

How did you get the idea for Project Linda Jamii?
I have always wanted to give back to the community. This is because I have also received so much from complete strangers who took a chance to believe in me and help me out even when they did not know me. It is the least I can do by giving and helping others to the best of my ability.

I focus on children because we tend to forget that the experiences of a child will ultimately contribute to the person they grow up to become in society. When we protect,care for them,provide good opportunities,mentor and influence them positively in childhood then we have a well grounded future society after our time.

Was it something you always wanted to do?
Yes it is

What lessons have you learned working with the vulnerable?
I have learned a great deal. Firstly, that I live a very privileged life. There are many of our neighbours, family members, fellow Kenyans who have it pretty bad- when you have to worry about your next meal, making sure your kids are in school, and your entire family’s day to day is surviving. There is so much we can do for each other-all we need is a bit of compassion and remember that it starts with acts of  kindness and you can literally change a life.

 Is it true you are also a Lawyer? *
Yes indeed I am a lawyer. I did my LLB at KUSOL (Kenyatta University School of Law)  and I’m currently pursuing my LLM on Gender and the Law at the University of Nairobi.

I’m also an experienced journalist and I have had an opportunity to create different shows on television that focus on social change and women empowerment. My all time faves were She Power-WTV Kenya and Shujaa-WTV Kenya

What words would you say,you live by? My Mantra

My mantra is founded in the Bible from Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

 If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only carry one book. Which would it be?

That would definitely be Fearless by Max Lucado

Interview by theamjournal

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