I look at you fight, I admire your fight – Ilola

Sometimes I wish you could see the depths of my heart;

not my face or how am struggling to put up a fake smile,

but the depths of my heart;

wherein lies my deepest thoughts,

My true thoughts….


Sometimes I look at you fight, fight for freedom

so that the rest of us could see the light of day;

 with no torture marks on our body;

so that we could vote in a government of our choice,

for the people and by the people;

so that our basic rights are entrenched in the Constitution,

the grundnorm they say…


I look at you fight, I admire your fight.


However, at times I think, you have lost the way,

You have failed to appreciate the efforts of your fight

and been clouded by the desire; the want of the royal seat.

You have said like Cain, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Forgetting that indeed it is your brother that will give you lodging,

will stir up a soup ready for your return from the open country for the hunt of wild game.


Are you, your brother’s keeper, you ask…

You are your brother’s keeper.

If it were not so, your fight has always been in vain

The fight of multiparty democracy has always been in vain

Your fight for peace has always been in vain

So if it’s not for your brother, then whose is it for?


Don’t get me wrong, am not making a political statement

nor am I looking for a political seat or popularity, no…

Am fighting for the democracy I want to see;

democracy I want to be a part of.


A democracy where my vote counts

whether or not my preferred candidate won;

without a shout or roar of rigging,

a government for and by the people.


I am the people. We are the people.

Not you as one, but us as all.


See, leadership is not one for those who don’t see themselves as their brothers’ keeper

but for those who fight, fight for justice

Fight for peace and not a royal seat.


I look at you fight….




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