I’m sorry for being a good guy -Ty Ngachira

I was never a ‘bad’ guy,

I pulled chairs and held doors,

I’d never hit a woman,

So this is not what this is about.


I’m learning that being a good guy is not enough and so I just wanted to say…

I’m sorry I took so long to answer ‘What are we?’


I’m sorry for when I took one night…. like I didn’t know you were offering forever,

I’m sorry when I acted like you weren’t hurt, when I said I didn’t understand,

I’m sorry I didn’t stand up for you when my boys talked you down,

I’m sorry I skipped meeting your dad, I really wasn’t held up at work,

I’m sorry I’m  no longer the first to  text  you good morning or good day, good night….or at all,

I’m sorry I didn’t say I loved you enough times,

I’m sorry that my hugs are no longer warm,

I’m sorry I no longer smell like home,

I’m sorry we barely know each other now,

I’m sorry we’ve become  strangers,

I’m sorry you lost your smile and I’m the reason why,

I’m sorry and I’m scared we will soon forget,

I’m sorry your soul’s hangover and I acted that I wasn’t bothered,

I’m sorry I killed us slowly that neither of us noticed,

I’m sorry I stopped trying,


I’m sorry I made love ordinary,


I’m sorry that these days, being a good guy is the only thing I offer 

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