Who is your hero?- Erick Njuguna

Who is your Hero?

For some of us that person is cloaked in a red cape, can shoots lasers from his eyes, can runs faster than lightning, or has enough tech to build a super suit to save humanity if a crisis arose that threatens its existence. For some of us this are our heroes…. they thrive in comic books and films make billions in franchise and merchandise sales across the globe of their action figures and t-shirt’s.

If you are wondering how I know all this its because I own some of those merchandises and t-shirts and they are very valuable to me.For every one of us, if you were into comic books as a kid, there were teams or heroes who had 5-star ranking in your life and in your heart. Please note, you didn’t know them on a personal level but you loved them, probably wore things or had things that were branded with them and even acted or played out scenes from your favorite show…

Personally, I loved the original The Flash series and tried to be as fast even with my skinny self running through school corridors trying to break the sound barrier at 1m/s which is 342m/s short of the actual speed of sound but had fun doing it. I love speed, even now as an adult, but as a kid it was excitement and bliss. The Flash was the epitome of speed for me. He represented what going hyper speed was and how fast a bullet was compared to him. I remember wishing I had the super speed during school days because I could sleep a little more and wake up 10 minutes to time, to shower dress up dash to school and be on time with minutes to spare as I stroll through the school gate before the teacher on duty comes to catch the late comers.

Good times, sadly it was a kid’s dream…. still want the powers though.

Then the Superman Phase came along …(didn’t quite get over it even as an adult…so It kind of grew up with me)….

I Love the MAN OF STEEL. From the new suit they gave him in the movie and teaching him finally that the undies go inside the pants and not outside the pants…to the amazing thread count chain like seams on his suit and I know am a guy. …And am straight but Henry Cavill was a great pick for that role he looked amazing in that suit. He nailed it!! Almost bought a poster, better yet designed one for my bedroom wall in college because I loved the movie so much.

Superman though alien had a sense of moral compass unlike any other human. His sense of justice and giving his all to protect the ones he loves, is truly something amazing. Okay to be honest being invulnerable to bullets, help when you are helping people. Nevertheless this is a guy who wouldn’t shy away from saving you even if it meant certain death for him. In the movies he proved it…. And also in the comic books too. Sacrifice for the greater good, it’s the hardest thing to do to be selfless when you have every reason to be selfish. It’s a remarkable character to have. FYI still got t-shirts with the Kryptonian symbol of hope on them that I rock on the weekends.

So I saved my best for last…Drum roll please…Dum dum dum dum!

To be honest wasn’t a big fan of Iron-Man, not because I have something against Marvel or anything because I love the X-men cartoon series and have all their movies in HD. The reason was I had never known the origin story of how Tony Stark becomes Iron-Man, so the 1st Iron-Man 2008 movie was an eye opener for me…. totally blew me away when he refined the Iron suits design and went into that Iraq village to save the villagers from the rebels. I fell in love with the genius of his brain, the tech, the all amazing Jarvis….(I would achieve so much more if I had a Jarvis of my own). The Penthouse and garage he had as a workshop to build his big boy toys…I was amazed…he seriously gave Superman a run for his money to me, because he was doing what Superman could do but with tech and flair that no other hero had done before for me.

He inspired me to use what’s in my hands. By this I mean, before the tech rely on the knowledge that you have see what’s around you that can help you do something or make something from. He also imparted that choices have consequences and its important to know what your end game is before you undertake any new venture whether social or business kind.

Sometimes mistakes are good because you learn something in the process, for example, Tony’s first suit after coming home from the captures was the Mark II suit it had flight capabilities and booster thrusters with flaps and stabilizers for flight stability but after it’s initial flight testing revealed it’s inability to reach the higher atmosphere due to the build up of ice. This helped Tony to defeat the Iron Monger in the first movie because he had learned that his suit freezes at certain altitudes…So don’t be afraid of mistakes.



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