Inflections by Kiiru Mwangi

© 2012

ISBN: 978-9966-21-211-5

This book of poems demands that every poem be read aloud. Piece by piece, with emotion and care. Stress and emphasis. Perhaps that is the reason for the name “Inflections”.

The word ‘Inflections’ refers to stress, rhythm, intonation, pitch, emphasis, or modulation. However, whilst reading the book one gets the sense that the poems are the reflections of a man who is passionate and longs to see social justice in his city, a sense of community and belonging. Love and thought.


In the poem My Streets, the poet relishes in the thought that although the sound of gunshots is nigh, or thuggery reigns in his city, the city remains to be his:


My Streets

The road to school is filled with filth

Smog from rickety, rusty matatus

I see the neighbourhood thug lurking

At the corner I will soon come to

My tummy rumbles, my throat aches like though in anticipation

Ohh fate, why you laugh at me?


In the dead of the night, the thugs roam

Gunshots, with blink of the owl’s eye

The lights flicker as though in a dance

In a symphony of pair and despair

Tonight too, my homework lies unattended

Ohh life why you mock me so?


Indeed, these are my streets


The poems, however, are not just about social justice and community. The book hosts poems of love and romance. Admiration of beauty and longing to be held:


You Remind me


You remind of plum

Curvaceous like a bottle

Warm like a blanket

Firm like a rock


I want to wrap my arms around you

Play like a harp

Make music with you

Write odes of you


The book being one of the author’s first collection, makes for a good read. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle at an affordable price. Source it. Read it and share your thoughts with us…

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