What does it mean to let go?- Ilola


What does it mean to let go?

Let go of all your fears;

of your past;

 of your loved ones;

 of your feelings and emotions.


What does it mean to let go? ……


I want us to be;

 I want the whole world to see us together;

 but I have to wait.

I have to wait for your walk to lead you to me.

I have to wait.

I have to wait for me to let go and learn to let live.

I have to wait.

Wait for the process to lead to healing.



I don’t want to cling on to you, for you to turn to vapour.

For you to remain a mist, a thought, a memory to fade.

I don’t want to hold you or have you when we aren’t both ready.

Ready to sit.

Ready to talk.

Ready to fight and walk.

Ready to know each other.

Ready to accept each other.

Ready. Ready for us.


Guard your heart, they tell me”

but they don’t understand that you already have me.


See, funny thing is, I like you but I know I can’t have you.

I haven’t heard my Lord say, “He is the one” instead I hear Him say, “wait. Be still and know that I am God”.

And so, am torn between what is true and what I feel;

 and am afraid that you will soon leave.


So, I want to learn how to let go before it’s too late;

Let go of you,

of my feelings and emotions.

But what does it really mean to let go? ……


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