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Building a business is no easy task, let alone leading one.The leader of any business must be strong-willed and determined to see his business thrive, no matter the season.


From the onset, there is a difference between managing a business and leading one. Management involves implementing the systems and ensuring that the structures of the business works. Leadership involves envisioning the company’s goals, inspiring confidence and esteem in a team, leading them towards the envisioned goal.


Growth companies thrive as a result of leadership rather than management. Management only guarantees profits at the end of a quarter or year but leadership builds resilience and sustains a business.


In my analysis of some of the top businesses in the world, the following four (4) qualities are common: servanthood, humility, integrity and passion.


  1. Servanthood

Thriving businesses have the community in mind, profits second. Thriving businesses offer solutions to a communal problem. These businesses are led by servant leaders who are faithful to those they lead. They recognize strengths in others and support them in their successes. They understand that a win in any quarter is a win for the business. They appreciate their employees, the TEAM. It’s TEAM speak.


Such leaders don’t shy away from their mistakes and bad choices.  They accept the wins and the losses and remain determined to steer the ship forward. Of importance, they instill hope and confidence in the team.


  1. Humility

Business leaders don’t seek to compete with others but rather look to collaborate; leveraging their weaknesses for other’s strengths. Humility is not weakness it’s strength.


  1. Integrity


Integrity reveals the heart and attitude of a leader and serves as the cornerstone for any corporate culture. A leader’s level of integrity determines his ability to influence others. Integrity births trust which equates to influence.


Integrity is in the little things.


  1. Passion


Passion is what inspires the vision for the business. Passion is what drives a business through difficult times. It’s the reason why the company and business was formed.


Without passion, an idea will fade and a product will be outdated with no hint of its improvement. Passion is the Aha! moment of any business and  the steam behind its uniqueness. Passion sets a business apart and sustains it.


What qualities steer your ship?

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