I am a woman, reclaiming my time – Ilola…


They say that it’s at 25 that we begin to know who we really are;

Whether we are confident or shy,

Bold or afraid

Aggressive or assertive,

creative or methodical.                        


Well, I am 25 and I love the woman am becoming.

I love that I could have natural; black; African hair.

Be curvy and beautiful,

Whether or not others recognize it.

Be industrious and analytical,

With potential to create; nurture; and birth dreams.


I love being a woman.

An African woman.

With a voice that could still souls

And cause the hair at the back of every man’s neck stand.


I love being a woman that no one can silence.

Like Maxine Waters; am reclaiming my time.

Am reclaiming me.

A strong, beautiful, bold, confident, African woman!


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