Thoughts of a Potential Millennial- Olivia Mathenge

I don’t think there’s a more fulfilling feeling than that of being a mum. I mean, I haven’t been one yet, but the non-verbal ques expressed by mothers when they have the little ones in their arms tells it all. The way they are so vigilant when handling them, careful not to make any wrong move, is to me, one of the sweetest things.

However, as a potential mother, especially a potential millennial mum, there are a few things that scare me.
For instance, will I have to go to a studio and have a nude to semi-nude maternity shoot? With my hands over my bare chest, with my shirtless husband next to me? And if it happens that I will go, should I keep the photos within the confines of my matrimonial home or should I just let the whole world know that indeed I was half naked in a public studio with my butt out. I’m pretty sure the dilemma will be surreal.

Can we talk about EYEBROWS?! Will I have time to draw them once the baby is born? I mean, I don’t think I will be ready to show the world my real side, (no eyebrows, my little rough face and my not so red lips). How will they take it? They’ll probably think having a baby took an upheaval on me.

Will I remember to keep my followers posted every time the baby turns a month older or does something out of the norm? How about that time when he gets his first tooth? Or eats his first meal? Will I be too absorbed in the moment or will I already have figured out how I will break the news to my loyal followers? Should I record every time we drive to the clinic? Will I choose to post half his face or his whole face? Just to be “secure” as if taking him to social media isn’t a risk in itself already? Maybe I will start with posting his little fingers then progress as he gets older? Will I breastfeed the baby or just let him have it from the bottle and risk having no bond with him because I don’t want my boobs to slump.

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How will I manage my two babies eventually? (One of the babies being my husband). Will I have the patience to wait for him at 2 a.m. as he comes home from a hangout with his “boys” so that I can serve him food, only for him to politely decline?

Question is, will I slowly force my child into this crazy millennial world unconsciously? My questions are like a flowing river. Endless.

However, there are millennial mums who are actually doing fine. So I think I’ll kick ass too. Maybe I should stick to the old adage “cross the bridge once you get there”. In the meantime, I might as well bask in the glory of being a self-proclaimed slay queen.

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  1. Jwunne

    I swear, I’m almost always having this thoughts too..
    This is soo good, if only we’d get a manual on what, how we’re expected or supposed to ace this?
    But in the mean time…..

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