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Are you one of those people who seem to never get things done and meet targets?


You work hard throughout the day, but that just isn’t enough. Something urgent always comes up.


You probably have stickers of Urgent, Very Urgent, Extremely Urgent etc. on documents on your desk. Your To-Do List doesn’t help either.

Here are two tips that would help you breathe:


  1. First things first

Identify the items that need to be dealt with, with great urgency. This doesn’t mean that the other items aren’t urgent. “First things first” refers to items that would greatly influence the outcome of the day. Identify them and work on them during your peek time. When you are most efficient.


Once those targets have been met, tick them off your list. This form of affirmation boosts your energy and zeal to get more things done. Celebrate the wins. Meeting your targets, is a win.


  1. Learn how to delegate

As humans, we have to realize and appreciate that we cannot do everything all at once. Secondly, there are others better than us and we have to cede control on the items that can be better achieved by others.


Delegate. It is not weakness, it is strength. There is wisdom behind delegation:

  1. Delegation draws out your leadership qualities.
  2. Delegation sows teamwork.
  3. Delegation allows you to focus on other urgent work.


So by all means, delegate. There is wisdom in delegation.


Share with us your tips on how to be more efficient.

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